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The University of British Columbia
2385 East Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel 604 822 3022
Fax 604 822 3449

Staff Directory

Sara Buse Senior Manager, Student Experience sara.buse@ubc.ca604-822-3324
Lily Chen Coordinator lily.chen@ubc.ca604-822-3214
Lise Cuvelier Interview Liaison coop.interviews@ubc.ca604-822-6995
Juliana de Souza Coordinator juliana.desouza@ubc.ca604-827-1885
Steven Dreger Coordinator steven.dreger@ubc.ca604-827-2096
Jennifer Eberle Coordinator jennifer.eberle@ubc.ca250-807-9279
Simon Erlich Student Development Coordinator, Graduate simon.erlich@ubc.ca604-827-1320
Daria Hucal Coordinator daria.hucal@ubc.ca604-822-4280
Maddy Kerr Program Assistant maddy.kerr@ubc.ca604-822-9843
Naureen Khan Program Assistant naureen.khan@ubc.ca604-822-2158
Wendy Lock Senior Manager, Administration wendy.lock@ubc.ca604-822-0642
Pete Mackenzie Coordinator peter.mackenzie@ubc.ca604-827-3474
Shelley Mason Program Assistant shelley.mason@ubc.ca604-822-9643
Meagan Meyer Coordinator meagan.meyer@ubc.ca250-807-9183
Masaki Miyoshi Coordinator masaki.miyoshi@ubc.ca604-827-4512
Minoli Navaratnam Student Professional Development Officer minoli.navaratnam@ubc.ca604-822-6720
Martha Ng Coordinator
Paula Pisciottano Coordinator paula.pisciottano@ubc.ca604-822-3660
Nicole Smith Program Assistant nicole.smith@ubc.ca604-822-9641
Ana Souza Coordinator ana.souza@ubc.ca604-822-6271
Jennifer Syrnyk Manager, Business Development jennifer.syrnyk@ubc.ca604-822-0039
- TBA Front Desk Administrator
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Engineering Co-op
The University of British Columbia
2385 East Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604 822 3022
Fax: 604 822 3449
Professional Development
The University of British Columbia
2332 Main Mall
Vancouver BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604 822 0493