Eligible Courses

Now updated for 2018/19 Academic Year.

Each CIE partner institution offers applied science courses that have been approved by the UBC Faculty of Applied Science. The credits you earn from the approved courses you take at these institutions will be transferred to UBC. (Note: A final transcript from the university where you have completed your international academic term must be received by UBC for students to receive the UBC transfer credit)

Please refer to the course mappings below for pre-approved courses and transfer credits for your department and program.

Term 1 CIE Opportunities (Departing July – September 2018):

Term 2 CIE Opportunities (Departing January – February 2019):

**Asian institutions are also available for Mechanical Engineering students, but course mappings are currently being reevaluated. In the meantime, please contact the MECH office for course planning.

All pre-approved engineering courses are offered in English at the CIE partner institution, unless noted otherwise.

We are constantly reviewing and updating our course mappings.

The course mappings are projections of courses offered at each institution, and are provided as an initial guideline of courses you can take while studying abroad through CIE. However, the course offerings at the partner institutions may change each year and as course scheduling and availability is determined by the partner institutions, we cannot guarantee placement in these courses. You must review the semester/timetable information and required pre-requisites of each course when building your study plan.