Graduate Students

Here’s where you’ll find all the information you’ll need to make your co-op experience a success – from the student handbook to work-term requirements.

Click on the links below to access the resources, forms and information you’ll need for a successful co-op experience.



  • Student Handbook: This essential guide summarizes the job application process and includes valuable tips on how to make the best of your work terms.
  • Terms and Conditions (MEng.): You must submit a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions each term that you participate in the co-op program. Take the time to read and understand this document to ensure you comply with the rules of the program.
  • Resume Template: Use these templates to create your resume.
  • Student Appeal Procedure: View the procedures for appealing a decision made by the department.

Graduate work-term requirements

The checklists on this page show the important deliverables and due dates during each work term. It’s very important that you review the checklist regularly, to make sure you are on track with the tasks you need to complete and ensure that you meet all of the program requirements.

Summer Co-op Work Term
Fall Co-op Work Term
Winter Co-op Work Term

Forms you’ll need during your work term