Hire through Engineering Co-op

Just five steps to a successful hire


  1. Send us your job description

    Email your job description to eng.coop@ubc.ca or call 604-822-3022 to get started. If you have an account on the PD Portal, our self-service web-based portal, log in and post your position immediately. Make sure the job description includes information about your company, details about the work the student will do, and the skills and abilities students should have to succeed at the job. Your position will be posted on the PD Portal for three to five business days.

  2. Review pre-screened candidates

    Go online after the job posting closing date to view student applications, including cover letters, resumes and transcripts. Download and review the applications for your position, and then let us know which students you’d like to interview. We’ll set up the interviews at a venue of your choice.

  3. Conduct Interviews

    Interviews can be done at our campuses or your workplace, or by telephone or video conference. We will organize all interviews and send you an interview schedule ahead of time.

  4. Rank your top candidates

    Rank the top students you’re interested in hiring. We use a continuous placement process, which means your offer will be made to students on a first-come first-served basis.

  5. Receive an employment match

    Your first-ranked student will have two business days to either accept or decline the job offer. If the student accepts, send us an offer letter and you’re done! If your first-ranked student does not accept the offer, your Co-op Coordinator will contact the next-ranked student on your list. This process will continue until the job offer is accepted by a student on your list.