Engineering Design Teams

Engineering Design Teams

Join one of the 27 design teams at UBC that work on projects including human-powered submarines, formula-style race cars, autonomous robots, steel bridges, space satellites, concrete toboggans and fuel-efficient cars! You don’t need to be an engineering student to participate in a design team – students from other faculties are welcome to join. And no experience is needed! It’s easy to get involved:

  • Take some time to learn about design teams by reading through this site and visiting each team’s website
  • Interested? Each design team does their own recruitment, so look on the site to find out how to get involved. Most recruitment happens in September, but some teams recruit throughout the year.
  • Stay up-to-date on team activity by joining the Engineering Design Team Facebook.


Joining a design team is a great way to have fun with like-minded peers as you work together for a common goal. Other benefits include:

  • developing expertise in your field of study;
  • meeting industry professionals and making new friends in your discipline; and
  • applying skills learned in the classroom to real-world issues

Design Team Links and Resources