About WIE

Women in Engineering (WiE) is a student organization made up of undergraduate and graduate students who advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in engineering. It was created by faculty and students to promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in the engineering profession. WiE supports the student population via career and leadership development workshops, and organizes outreach initiatives for high school and elementary school students. Our aim is to provide underrepresented students with the tools and opportunities that will enable and empower them to reach their full potential. Some of our events include the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) mentoring event, a non-traditional engineering careers panel, a workshop on identifying and addressing gender inequality in the workplace, and the December 6th Memorial.


Women in Engineering at UBC seeks to:

  • Build supportive networks for women in engineering
  • Bring awareness to the value of diversity and equity
  • Encourage academic, leadership, professional, and personal development of women engineering students


As a group, we value the following:

  • Diversity and culture
  • Inclusivity and equity
  • Integrity and ethical conduct
  • Personal and social responsibility

Women in Engineering welcomes all students, regardless of gender! Please join our mailing list if you are interested in receiving updates about events and volunteering opportunities. To join one of our committees, please email us at wie@apsc.ubc.ca!